Korstäppans Herrgård Leksand

Korstäppan Mansion in Dalarna


Korstäppan Mansion is Leksand´s oldest hotel.  Leksand offers scenic surroundings and Lake Siljan is Korstäppan´s closest neighbour. Korstäppan Manor has welcomed guests to a cozy and romantic atmosphere for generations. No two rooms look alike, but they all have a historical and romantic feeling. 

Restaurant Korstäppan has an inviting atmosphere and serves dishes prepared on local and Swedish ingredients.


Hockeypaket 1 Dygn

Hockeypaket 1 Dygn

Hockeypaket i samband med Leksands IFs hemmamatcher som inkluderar tvårättersmiddag, logi och frukost.

  • Frukost
  • Hockeymiddag